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SVFFERs first track off their debut LP ‘Lies We Live’

Pure hate we get
What we deserve
Amuse to death
Swallow the dirt

– Svffer

today at breakfast time i had the privilege to listen to two demo recordings of new material from The Black Atlantic’s upcoming album.
if his former recordings and concerts had the ability to make one shiver these will do so too, but in a quite different way.

this marks sunday, the 02nd march 2014, 10:16 am.


VOTE HERE. HOW MANY YOU WANT. The best 4 of each “group” go to fight against each other to remind ourselves that life is a costant struggle and there’s someone who wins and someone who loses.


Lord Snow
Silkscreened Tour Edition

suppressed by their possessive demeanor,
dictating lives with successive requisition.
youthful ambitions that we’ve abandoned
for obligations they have demanded.

we have spent years circling the system
we have spent years circling drain.
grounded on faith for an escape.

Lord Snow

let’s have a look if berlin keeps something on hand for my future. GO!

start again, fake smiles and complain quitely so that noone notices that one is still moody every now and then in 2014.

well, i really don’t know the answer.

well, i really don’t know the answer.

this morning i’ve been given a month’s notice… and instantly felt that charlie brown was right. the only thing left on this world to lighten up my mood was to head for the record store and buy a vinyl record.

this marks thuesday, the 3rd december 2013, 11:20 am.

C-O-double-M-O-N A wave,
an awesome wave,
that rushes skin
and widens in blooded veins.

JOAN OF ARC :: 27.11.2013 :: Wednesday :: AC17

Facebook-Event: here

Was it wrong to go down
To want you to stay
Head full of ghosts
Have I gone insane?

Russian Circles // Chelsea Wolfe